Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Well, my wit seems to be wanting lately.  Not sure if I'll be able to muster something amusing for these items, but let's see what I can manage.....

A deer statement necklace.  I see a major problem here.  This necklace could be fatal.  I'd end up stabbing myself in the neck. If there is a way to hurt yourself with something, trust me, I'll figure it out.

I didn't know they still made body suits, which are basically a onesie for adults.  I appears the sequins continue down into the crotch area - um, so not comfy.  I would suggest reconsidering the sequins in the crotch area.  You could end up slicing your leg open if those sequin move in just the wrong way.  Dangerous, I tell ya!
Feathered shorts.  Why?  Do you preen or dry clean?
Looks like my dad did her laundry.  Seriously.   One time when I was a teen, my dad did the laundry and washed one of my wool sweaters.  When he pulled it out of the dryer, it was so small it would have fit my cousin who is about 10 years younger than me.
This shawl looks like it has the mange.
Vintage 80's LBD - I just love how clothes from my youth are called "vintage."  Translation:  OLD!  What kills me about this dress is that you could make another whole dress using the sleeve material.
This is a Tea Party urban guerilla coat.  Ooooo-kaaaaaay.  Not sure why it's called that, but whatever.
Something else from the 80s, but what she's missing here is the side pony tail, and maybe some leggings.  It's been a while, but how would you make this more 80s?

I'm sorry but this pin looks like someone raided the lint trap in my dryer and glued it all together.  Just sayin'.

This top should be paired with a long skirt with a bustle on the back.  

Industrial romantic ruffled denim - wow.  What a name.  I don't understand why they have the side stitching only on one side.  It would have looked more like a mermaid skirt if they had done that stitching on both sides.  By the way, you can have this lovely for $275.

I.... umm.... hmmm..........
Call the exterminator because you must have some gigantic mutant moths!
Street fashion - I think that's another term for hobo chic.  Another fashion trend I just don't get - dressing like homeless.  It's sad, really. 
This dress makes me think of a waitress.

See what I mean?  Two Broke Girls - a funny show, but definitely NOT PG rated.

That's it for today, folks.  Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!