Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

I'm still worn out from the baseball tournament we hosted this past weekend, and I can't really think of a way to open this post.  So, let's just get started shall we?  Oh, wait!!  I know.  One great thing about hosting a baseball tournament, is that it offers some prime people watching opportunities. 
We saw a former college football player.  (I won't name names because apparently he's dating someone I know.)  But he looked like a giant GOOBER!  He showed up both days of the tournament wearing his baseball cap tilted to the side, much like Pete Wentz in this picture. 

He also wore a gray t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up so high the shirt looked sleeveless, and he had huge diamond studs in each ear. Oh, and let's not forget the massive tattoo of his college football number on his arm. Anyway, it was comical to watch him, and quite sad really. 

Okay, well let's move along.........

Boots socks with lace and buttons - I thought boot socks were supposed to go inside the boots.  They look a little like spats.

Zebra print suede pants that look more like tree bark velour.  It's funny that I was thinking tree bark when I uploaded this picture on Tuesday, and as I'm typing up this post, my youngest also said "tree bark pants."  Great minds think alike, huh?
These shoes scare me a little.

Josie and the technicolored shirt dress.....
One word - camisole.

A ruffled collar.  Unless I'm in an Elizabethan period play, uh uh!  Who would seriously wear this?
Loose, slouchy sweaters should be worn with fitted bottoms/leggings otherwise you just look sloppy.
I call this a mullet skirt - what is the appeal of these skirts?  I might understand it if you wore one that didn't have the potential for a major wardrobe malfunction.  In other words, if the front were maybe knee length and the back longer, it would be more appealing. 
Gypsy skirt - what makes this a gypsy skirt?  I thought gypsy skirts were long.  Is it the fact that it's made with rags?  This skirt actually looks like the hem was caught in the shredder.
Maternity tribal print leggings.  Just what I wanted on my massive body when I was pregnant - horizontal stripes and ugly prints.  Oh, let's not forget the sky-high heels.  I was lucky to shove my pudgy feet in Burkenstocks.  There's no way I could have gotten a pair of these heels on much less walked in them.

I'm all for mixing patterns, but there's a trick to it which I haven't figured out yet.  Apparently, neither has this girl.  My youngest son just said, "What the....??  She couldn't decide what to wear so she put it all on?"

I, um........  I don't know.
I posted something similar to this not too long ago, but at least this modifiable shirt doesn't have the velcro dots all over like the last one.  This shirt is modifiable by tying knots.  She should just tie that around her neck like a bib.
Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.  Sorry - that's the only thing that came to mind.  It actually looks like she just wrapped herself in a bed sheet.
Ummm.... sweetie...  Your dress is molting.

I should have let Gabe provide commentary for this post.  He probably would have been much more entertaining.  I'll try to do better.  I promise.  LOL!

Until next week....  Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!