Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm really glad to be home!  I love travelling, but I don't sleep well in strange beds.  I usually come home from vacation exhausted from lack of sleep, then I have to work like a fiend to get caught up with everything at work and home.  UGH
!  Thank goodness I finally learned to go to a laundry mat and wash most of our clothes before we come home - that helps a great deal!
We took the new Town & Country to KY, and let me tell you, I loved it!! We averaged 28 mpg in the flat areas, and 25 and 26 mpg in the mountains. Pretty darned good, and much, MUCH better than my Honda Pilot ever got. The highest MPG the Pilot ever got was 23.  So, YAY!  The day we left KY, we filled up at a gas station close to our hotel and we didn't fill up again until we were at the gas station on the corner by our home.  We got 506 miles on that tank of gas!  Not too shabby!

Sunday the 7th was Gabe's 10th birthday!  I can't believe my baby is already 10.  Where have the years gone?  I love this picture of him - thanks again, Vance & Kenya.  You've taken some awesome pictures!

Garage sales - fan or foe?  I straddle the fence on this one.  They are a pain in the butt to prepare for, but I sure like the extra money and the nice clean garage that results.  Well.... the garage is clean until hubby starts bringing crap stuff home again.  We are planning to have a garage sale next weekend, and I'm really dreading it.  I plan to be totally ruthless in my gathering this time.  I've said before, I'm tired of the clutter.  So - family?  Are you reading this?  If you want to keep your stuff, keep it in your room!  Consider yourself warned!!

Speaking of the garage - I sure would like to start parking in mine again. HINT!  HINT!  Do any of you have garages that have been taken over by..... stuff, so much so that you can no longer park in them??   Please tell me I'm not alone in this, but that there is hope!  Puh-leeeeze!!
I have a busy weekend ahead.  We have some home improvement stuff that we need to  complete asap.  I also have some major renovations going on at work, and I have to work Sunday, so that just leaves Saturday for the things at home.  UGH!  The weekends just aren't long enough anymore.  At least Ben can continue to work at home on Sunday, if he will.  Maybe I should take the laptop with me to work on Sunday so he won't get pulled into it and waste the whole dang day.  You know.... remove the temptation.  **smirk**
Oh, guess what my oldest did this past weekend....  He decided to do a flip on the master bed and kicked the ceiling fan, shattering the glass shade and slicing his foot open.  He was very lucky the cut wasn't deeper than it was.  Once we got him bandaged up, we had to try to get all of the glass out of our bed. 

Just prior to our KY trip, he broke his bed.  He apparently plopped down on the bed and broke the wooden side rail.  So, he pulled his mattress off onto the floor and slept on it while his daddy glued the bed back together and the glue "cured."  They finally got motivated to put it all back together last night.  Garrett was so happy to have a normal bed again that he actually cleaned his room, dusted and everything.  Then he ventured into the living room and dusted there.  Ben and I looked at each other as if to say, "uh oh.... what did he do this time?"

Good times around our house, I tell ya!!  I always know it's going to be good, when I hear a crash followed by a "GARRETT!!"

Does there ever come a point when young boys think about what they're doing BEFORE they do it??  I actually think part of the issue now is that he's trying to figure out how to function with this new larger body he has.  I swear this kid has grown about 6 inches practically overnight.   
Well, I suppose I have bored you all to tears by now, so I'm going to close.

I hope you all have a very blessed (and productive - eh hmmmm.....) weekend.

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