Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


--- 1 ---
For those of you who don't know about the stress we were going through with my oldest son, you can read about it here.  I'm happy to report that neither my son nor any of the teen group he was with became ill.  Thanks be to God!!  I want to thank everyone for their prayers and ask that you continue to pray for Kali Hardig.  She is doing better each and every day but still has a long road ahead of her.   Thankfully she has managed to beat the odds thus far, and I hope and pray she continues to do so.

--- 2 ---
School starts the 19th.  It's crunch time on getting school supplies purchased.  Are you all ready?  I'm not.  I told you I'm a master procrastinator.  No, it's not really procrastination, I just haven't had much spare time.  Now that most of our home improvement projects have been completed, I should be able to finish up the shopping this week.  Yes, I said finish up.  I did order some things online.  For example, I ordered a few uniform shirts for my oldest son who has grown like a weed over the summer, and I ordered new tennis shoes for both boys.  I don't buy them school pants until it's time to actually wear pants.  They'll continue to wear their school shorts until then.  I made the mistake of buying school pants early one year, and by the time it was cold enough to wear them, they couldn't.  So, we wait.  Really, I just need to buy the actual school supplies, and I'm sure I probably have a vast majority of them stuck back from last year.  I always buy extra.  So, I'm really not too far behind now that I think about it.  Backpacks and lunch boxes, those are a must this year.  Since our school system requires mesh or clear backpacks, it really limits their choices.  So, yeah - still not in bad shape. 
Ten year olds.  Is it just mine or do they all have major attitude?  When I ask my youngest to do something, you'd think I asked him to cut off his arm with all the whining, huffing and stomping.  Now, my oldest quietly slips out of the room when he sees there's work to be done.  Aggravating?  Yes, but near not nearly as aggravating as all the drama my youngest displays.  Rotten is what he is.  I've been told it's my fault.  Of course, it is!  Isn't it always the mom's fault?  Maybe I should start using La Chancla?  It'll just give them more to talk about with their therapists when they're adults, right?  No, I'm just kidding.  Well, maybe.
--- 4 ---

Boys are baffling creatures.  I'm not sure I'll ever understand them.  I think it's a proven fact that we just don't speak the same language. For example: 
I say:   Please take your shoes to your room.
They hear:  Go to your room.
I say:  Clean up your dinner dishes. 
They hear:  Put your dinner plate on the floor for the dogs, and go to your room.
I say:  Put your wet swim stuff in the washing machine.
They hear:  Open the laundry room door, and fling your wet swim stuff toward the washing machine.
I say:  Please put your clean clothes away, and bring the empty basket back to me.
They hear:  Dump the basket of clean clothes  either onto your floor or all in one drawer, and bring the empty basket back to me.  Oh, and be sure to leave all of the drawers hanging open.
I say:  Bring me your dirty clothes.
They hear:  Bring me your empty dirty clothes hamper, and leave all of your dirty clothes scattered around your room.
I say:  Take the empty hamper back to your room and pick up all of your dirty clothes, then bring me the hamper.
They hear:  Take the hamper back to your room and fill it with everything you find lying around your room.  Stuffed animals, Leggo pieces, DVDs, baseballs, clean clothes, shoes - yeah, it can go in there.  It's all good!
I say:  Take a shower.
They hear:  **crickets**  Actually this one only pertains to my youngest.
Will we ever learn to speak the same language?
I think I'm done for the day folks.  My blogger is still acting up.  I can't get the justification right so that it will stop splitting up words onto two different lines, and the fonts say they're the same, but they're not, and..... Good grief!  Plus, I truly think that last quick take wore me out just thinking about it.  Sometimes, I think my boys are deliberately trying to 
drive me crazy.
--- 6 ---
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

--- 7 ---

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