Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
This has been a rough week for me.  We just can't seem to get everyone in our household well at the same time.  This time, it's me again.  Things had been going fairly well for me, but I made the mistake of saying that.  In essence, I tempted fate.  

I was finally starting to feel completely recovered from the respiratory virus that hit our home a month or so ago.  Friday afternoon I had what I thought was an asthma attack, so I used my inhaler.  It didn't seem to help.  A few hours later, I used the inhaler again. 

We're trying to get a little more exercise around here, so we all trekked up to a small neighborhood just up the street from us to walk (they have sidewalks, we don't).  I noticed I was getting pretty winded on that walk, but I'm out of shape.  So, yeah.  After the walk, Gabe and I ran a few errands and by the time we got home, I felt feverish.  Since I was running fever, I figured it wasn't asthma related, and I didn't use my inhaler again.

I ran fever all weekend, and it would never break.  I would sweat like a fiend, and the temp would drop to the low 99s, but never any lower.  As soon as the sweating stopped the temp would soar back up to around 103.
Anyway, I was finally able to get in to the doctor Monday afternoon.  I was diagnosed with asthma exacerbated by bronchitis.  He chewed my behind about not using my inhaler, and I was given tons of meds which included 2 different types of inhalers, a steriod shot, etc.  Tuesday, was the first day I was fever free.

Wednesday I went back to work and started running low-grade fever again.  Yay.....

--- 2 ---
Thankfully while I've been sick Gabe has been sleeping in his own room.  Last week I polled my facebook friends asking for ideas to keep a 10-year old in his own bed, all night.  Every night. I got several good suggestions that I decided to try.  One of which was to string lights around his room to act as a night light.  We had a spool of rope light in the garage we used.  Also, someone reminded me about the relaxing properties of lavender.  I remember using that on the boys when they were babies.  So, I went all out on the lavender - lavender body wash, body lotion, air freshener, plugs ins, linen spray, etc.  Yeah, I know.  But I'm one very tired momma.  I'm basically desperate for a good night's sleep.  I even promised to get him a bracelet-making kit that he wants as a reward for sleeping in his room for one full week.

I'm not sure whether it was one particular thing or the combination of all of them.  But Gabe slept in his own room for 6 full nights.  Then the 7th night, I was sick in bed and he wanted to snuggle with mama.  I was too sick and tired to argue....  and Ben?  Well, I've been coughing so much that he's been sleeping on the couch anyway, so he really didn't care about Gabe being in his spot.

So, now we're starting the count over.....

This is also the week that Gabriel started his immunotherapy.  He has to go three days this week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  He's done very well - Gabe has always been a tough kid.  Monday we start the shots at home with me administering them.  I already do my own shots at home, so hopefully doing his shots will help keep me on schedule with my own shots.  Eventually Gabe will start doing his own shots, but we'll take some time before we make that transition.
--- 4 ---

Thursday Garrett's middle school band played at the football game AND Gabe had a PTO performance at the elementary school.  Busy night.  Ben also broke the news that he feels like he's getting sick now.  We took his temperature, and yup - 99.9.  Great......  The hits just keep on coming.
--- 5 ---

This weekend is the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in Little Rock.  From what I understand, Little Rock's race is consistently one of the largest in the Nation.  Even the schools get involved to show their support.  Gabe's school is having and "Pink Out" today.  Do you know how difficult it is to find pink clothing for a 10-year old boy?  We eventually did find something, but also had a little fun while searching. 

--- 6 ---

My recent pink purchase was this cute little Asus netbook on which I'm preparing this post.  It's cuh-yoot!!  I'm generally not a real "girly girl", but I couldn't resist this little pink netbook.  I even bought matching pink headphones to go with it.  (Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics.)

--- 7 ---

That's it for today, folks.  Riveting stuff, I know.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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