Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

TGIF!  Am I right?

--- 2 ---

Both boys had basketball try outs this week.  The draft was Thursday night, so we should find out tonight or tomorrow who their coaches are.  This will be 
my oldest boy's first year to play basketball.  I'm excited for him.  Several people asked him to play this year, so I hope he has a good time and learns a lot.  Hopefully he'll get a good coach who will teach him.    I'm looking forward to practices, and I'll have to remember to keep my stinking mouth shut.  Grrrr.....

One thing I'm NOT looking forward to is buying two new pair of basketball shoes.  Why is it that once they're cross over into something larger than a size 6, the price of the shoes goes up?  Significantly.  Both boys wanted Sperry's for school.  The same shoes, in two different sizes, Garrett's cost $30 more because it was a men's size.  Needless to say he got a different brand.  Still topsiders, just different brand.

Shoe companies can't claim the cost is relative to the amount of leather used, because we all know that baby tennis shoes are just as expensive.  So, what gives??

--- 3 ---

If you read last Friday's QTs, I mentioned that earlier last week I had been diagnosed with asthma exacerbated by bronchitis.  The doc put me on all kinds of meds.  Saturday morning, I woke up with a horrible sore throat.  I got a flash light and looked in the mirror, and uh oh....  my tonsils were completely covered in white.  Did ya'll know that steroid inhalers can give you thrush (or a yeast infection)??  Yeah, me neither.  The doc said that when I use my inhaler, I should rinse my mouth afterwards.  I have never been told this.  I suppose since I had been given a steroid shot and was on two different inhalers, my body was on overload.  So..... more meds.  Yay!

--- 4 ---

This week we started Gabe's allergy shots at home.  He's a trooper.  He says the shot doesn't hurt, but it does burn a little sometimes after the serum goes in.  He wants to learn to do his shots himself some day, but we'll take our time with that.

--- 5 ---

In an effort to keep Gabe in his room all night, every night we hung a rope light around his room.  So, far so good.  So, there you go!  My public service announcement for the day:  Having problems keeping your child in their room all night?  Hanging some Christmas lights in their room.  Now if only I could start sleeping all night.  **sigh**

--- 6 ---

Organizing:  Home, work, activities......  How do you all do it, especially those of you with larger families?  I'm baffled.  I can't seem to do it all.  I'm open to suggestions.  Apparently my super mom cape needs ironing and doesn't work properly.  Go figure.
--- 7 ---

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm outta here!!  PEACE!!

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