Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

We have another sick child in the house this week.  Now it's Garrett, bless his heart.  A few weeks ago he came down with the same respiratory virus that Gabe and I both had.  Remember after two weeks, just as Gabe was starting to feel better, he developed a sinus infection?  Yup, same story with Garrett.  Only the sinus infection struck him down when we were at Fall Nationals in Southaven, MS, this past weekend.   Saturday afternoon, he commented about being tired.  Then Saturday night as the Elite were playing, a friend asked, "What's wrong with Garrett?"  I turned to see him lying on the top row of the bleachers.

The next morning he complained of being really cold..... and it was all downhill from there.

Now that Garrett is no longer in day care, he rarely gets sick, but he was miserable.  I felt so bad for him.  You know he's at that age where he really wants to curl up in mommy's lap, but it's soooo not cool, because, like, you know he's a teenager now and stuff. 

This particular man-child has grown about 6 inches in the past 15 months, and he has NO winter clothes that fit.  So, while I had a "captive audience" so to speak, I took the opportunity to do a little online shopping for him, and naturally I wanted his opinion on items I found.  However, while looking for things for him, I stumbled upon some really odd things that I thought I'd share.

So, off we go....

I'm all for a wide belt, but come on!!  Vera, this makes you look even more flat chested girlfriend!  You usually have some nice stuff, but this is really disappointing. 
For some strange reason, these shoes remind me of the Monster Book of Monsters in Harry Potter.  No idea why....
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but at least this jacket got a laugh (or maybe it was more like a snort) from Garrett, who quickly said, "No way!"  Of course, I showed it to him as a joke.  If it were a natural leather instead of this metallic monstrosity, I might try to sway him a little.  But as is, I have to agree with my boy.
Does this remind anyone else of Stuart Smalley?
Okay, this little guy is a cutie pie, and there's nothing too alarming about his outfit.  My complaint is the rolled up jeans and flip flops.  It looks like he's getting ready to go wading in water.  I think this look would be okay if the jeans weren't rolled up so high.  BTW - what is with the rolled jeans?  Just about every Look on this particular website has rolled jeans.  Even paired with tennis shoes, the jeans are rolled up high enough to see lots bare ankle.  It just looks odd to me.
Men's fashion sleeves.  Here's a tip for ya - If you need sleeves, try wearing a shirt that has them!

Okay, now after seeing this picture, I understand the fashion sleeve thing - it's more like a sleeve dickey.  But why wear two shirts AND these sleeve dickey things?  Why not just wear an undershirt that already has long sleeves?  Whatever.....

Multi-colored shoe soles - ummm...... no.  And with no socks too.  Can you say stinky feet??  Oh, and let's not forget the rolled up pants cuff.
I'd actually like to see Garrett wear something like this. Something besides a tee, jeans and tennis shoes.  He looks good in a hat too.  I'm sure some day soon some little girl will be influencing the way he dresses.  He won't listen to me anymore.  **sniff**
Ummm..... WTH??!!  Really? 
 Joe Dirt!!
I think my grandmother had this whole wind suit.  You know the polyester ones that make that swish swish sound with each step.

Well, I guess that's it.  BTW - thanks, Google, for making me feel like a perv when I googled teen boy fashion.  UGH!!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!