Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

As you know Halloween is right around the corner.  My oldest, who recently turned 13, has decided that he's too old to dress up for Halloween.  I'm not real sure how I feel about that.  My youngest, being only 10, obviously still wants to dress up.  He wants to dress up as a baseball player, no surprise there.

Do you dress up?  I usually make some feeble attempt at a costume. I think I know what I want to do this year.  It's always something easy that I can pull off with either what I have at home or minimal purchases.  But, as usual, I had to go online for more ideas. 
What is with all of the sexy women's costumes?  Why??  Something else I don't understand and will never show here are all the costumes that are supposed to be body parts, private parts to be exact.  And, yes, I've seen numerous versions of both the male and female.  Those type of costumes certainly have shock value, but are tasteless.  They way I see it is if the costume is something you'd be uncomfortable letting your child see (or wear), then maybe it's not a costume you should wear.  Call me a prude if you like, I'm just saying.....

I will say that in addition to all of the perverted costumes, I did find some precious baby cuteness that I will share.  So, let's take a look....
In fact, let's start with a little kid cuteness.  Isn't this too cute?
And here's another.  So cute!! 
Aaaah!!  This actually creeped out my youngest a little.  Great costume, but is it really appropriate for a kid?
Now that's better.  There's just something wrong with the little girl having a zipper face.
This poor puppy seems to be pleading, you can see it in her eyes.... "Please sir, they're freaking me out.  Can you please do something about those other two dogs that keep following me??"
LOL!  This is too cute, and reminds me of a friend of ours.  I can only imagine that he looked like this as a baby. 

Okay, ya'll....  I've had this happen to me.  When you're in property management, you become familiar with some creepy things.  Some are people, but most of the time, it's the creepy-crawly variety.   I've been in houses where roaches have fallen on my head as I walked in the front door.  I've been in another home where pest control treated with a flusher, and hundreds of those huge water bugs came running out from under the kitchen cabinets.  AAAAAAAHHHH!  I've even been bitten on the leg by a huge water bug like what's pictured above.  I roaches and water bugs.  I despise the nasty things and this gives me the heebie jeebies!  I couldn't imagine having these things on my leg, real or not!

Usually when a tenant calls and says there are hundreds of roaches in their kitchen, it's a gross exaggeration.  (Pun intended.)  Unfortunately, the incident I referred to above was NOT an exaggeration, and I think this may actually be how wide my mouth fell open when I saw
the roach exodus.  OMG!!

Quick!  Something cute....

Oh, look..... It's Joan Rivers.
Two versions of the same idea:  Comic Book Lady.  Great costume, but sure does seem like a lot of work though.
Let's close with some more kid cuteness, m'kay?

And one more.....

Awwwww..... Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!