Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

I'm sad.  I saw something the other day that was so hideous, I thought to myself that I HAD to share it on WTHW.  It's now Wednesday, so, guess what?  I can't remember for the life of me what I wanted to talk about  UGH!  Getting old STINKS!

Shoot!  Back to square one....

It's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.  So, I thought I might talk about some of the unusual gifts I've found. 

Let's take a look.

Jewelry is always a great gift idea.  However, please make sure your jewelry purchases are made at a reputable jeweler.  Remember, the phrase,  "he went to "He went to Jared?"  Yeah.  Tiffany's would be good too!  Even the local Zales.

A gift for The Godfather fan who has everything - A horse head Christmas ornament.  Bloody neck,  severed spine and all.  Gross, huh?
I have no idea what this knife-block thing is called.  I think it's rather disturbing.  Then again, I suppose it could be rather therapeutic. 
A banana storage case.   Is this really necessary?  I don't think all bananas are shaped exactly the same.  You'd probably have to go through your
banana bunch just to find the right one to fit this case.
I've seen BMW's and VW Beetles with eyelashes, and now your vehicle can have its very own mustache.  What would you put this on?  A Jeep?  A Hummer?  Something big and manly right?  Maybe a big Kenworth.  Maybe this would accompany some of the other... ahem, "manly adornments" I've seen on some vehicles.
I know bacon-flavored and scented things are all the rage now, so this isn't all that unusual, but sweet corn?  Ranch dressing?  UGH!!  I couldn't imagine drinking a ranch dressing flavored drink.  BLECH!

A drink preserver!  Not a bad idea for the lazy day at the pool.  However, I prefer the air mattresses or pool loungers with the built-in cup holders.  That way my drink doesn't drift away.

A bubble wrap suit.  I've actually joked about wrapping my youngest in bubble wrap before.  That child will show up with the most hideous bruises, and he's absolutely clueless about how he got those bruises.  Since he was blessed with my grace and will trip over his own feet, I can only imagine how those bruises came about.  He's also tough as nails.   I've seen him take spills where I would have curled up and cried, and he just pops right up as if nothing happened and no hint of pain on his face.  Trust me, there have been times when I've wondered if he's one of those rare people who have no perception of pain.  Seriously.
A Batman flash drive!  AWESOME!  I also saw Star Wars flash drives.  I wonder if they have a Flash flash drive?
Most of the folks I know that golf, do partake a cold beverage or two while golfing.  Hence, the drink dispenser golf club.  Take a shot to calm those nerves before taking that shot.  HA!

Well, I guess that it for today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!