Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and  I know many people who decorate for Christmas either just prior to Thanksgiving or before their Thanksgiving leftovers are even cold.  Me?  Well, if it wasn't for my kids, I probably wouldn't even mess with a tree.  I'd get a little table-top tree, and that would be the extent of it. Yeah, "Bah Humbug!"  That's me.  However, I do have kids which means I have to put up a tree at the very least. 

I've been taking a mental inventory, trying to recall what I might need to pickup at the store without actually having to look through my stuff.  I envision family heirloom ornaments, ornaments my kids have made over the years, some ornaments given to us by residents of properties we've managed, a few ornaments I've bought to commemorate something, etc.  So our tree tells a story of sorts.  Let's face it, not all of those ornaments are beautiful, picture-perfect ornaments.

Of course, the thought of some of those ugly ornaments, made me curious.  Did you know that people apparently have ugly Christmas ornament parties like they do with ugly sweaters.  I didn't.

So let's take a look.  

A Christmas pickle. I thought this was so weird, but apparently this is a thing too.  Did you know that?  Supposedly a pickle ornament is hidden somewhere in the tree and whomever finds it, wins a prize, has good luck, I forget,  but something along those lines.  Who knew?
I still don't get this whole zombie thing, but what ornaments would be more appropriate for a zombie apocalypse enthusiast?
So what's with the screaming swaddled baby?  Is it supposed to commemorate Baby's First Christmas or something?  It actually looks like Mr. Magoo was caught in a trap net.  "Oooooh!  Dag nabit!"  Isn't that what Mr. Magoo used to say?  I forget.
If you've read my blog much, you know that I watch just about any show on Bigfoot that I can find.  I believe they're real.  Why wouldn't they be?  I grew up in a relatively rural area with probably hundreds of acres of woods across the street from our home.  As a child I had the same dream over and over again - Bigfoot lived over the hill in the woods across the street. 

I'll never go on a "finding Bigfoot" mission or anything like that, I just think the search for proof of their existence (or any type of creature like that) is fascinating.  I should have been a cryptozoologist.   But, I wouldn't hang a Bigfoot ornament on my tree.  Just sayin'.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be - an alien, a meerkat?  Maybe an owl?  By the way, yes, I watch shows about aliens too.  HA!
This green elf thingy (elfette?) is creepy.   For some reason it brings to mind Mystique from Xmen.  Yes, I know Mystique was blue..... and naked.  What's your point?
Not that I think Adam Lambert is ugly or anything, but when he was on American Idol, I had to leave the room whenever he was about to sing.  When he sings, he always screams, and when he does his tongue flops out like he's some giant made up lizard or something.  It's gross!!

See?  YUCK!  He's a very handsome young man, and he's very talented, but he needs to keep that tongue in his mouth when he sings.  Miley?  You hear that?  That goes for you too, sweetheart!! JUST STOP!!

What the heck is up with the Village People looking mermen?  Is there some fetish of which I'm unaware?  Scratch that!  Don't want to know!  Weird, creepy, etc.  I can't imagine why anyone would have these on their Christmas trees.

Well, I'm calling it a day folks.  I have tons to do in preparation for Thanksgiving day.  Luckily, I'm making duplicates of two dishes - one set will go to my grandmother's, another set to my in-laws' house.  Easy enough, right?  Yes, just time consuming.  I'm going to have to find the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles to watch while I'm cooking.  Love that movie! (I know I posted this clip last week.  Just watch it, will ya?)  

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!