Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Last Saturday was crazy. We had so many functions to attend. It started with both of my boys' 1st basketball games of the season. Both of their teams won. This is actually Garrett's first time to ever play basketball, and he did really well. I'll have to get some pictures next time. I was too busy cheering for my babies to take pictures. I'll have to remember to take some this Saturday.

EJ, our Elf, hasn't been moving around every night. I really don't know what's up with that.  Maybe he's just worn out, like I am.  Have any of you seen the video that's been making the rounds on facebook where the parents set up a camera to monitor the activities of their elf?  It's pretty good. Take a look:
There are other videos that caught some pretty amazing stuff.  If you haven't already, check them out.

I'm sure I've mentioned Garrett is in the middle school band.  This week the band has been going to all of the local elementary school and playing Christmas music for them.  My child never wears dress clothes, so I had to buy him all new dress clothes for his Winter concert last week.  He has one nice white dress shirt, and one nice pair of black pants.  Three performances this week meant washing that one set of dress clothes twice this week.  UGH!  Remind me to teach that boy how to iron.   I'm still trying to catch up on the laundry that I wasn't home to wash last weekend.  UGH.
I wish I could get a picture of Garrett performing with the band, but every time I try, he leans back and hides behind his music stand.  So frustrating.  Typical teen, huh?! 

So, I went to the doctor earlier this week because I've been suffering from head congestion for three weeks.  I thought it was my allergies, but nothing was clearing it up, and finally it felt like the congestion was starting to drop into my chest.  So.... off to the doctor I went.  He couldn't find an infection but since my congestion had hung on more than 2 weeks, and since Christmas is next week..... he gave me an antibiotic.  However, he told me he was extremely concerned about my wheezing.  What wheezing?  I wasn't even aware I was wheezing.  So, long story short, I'm now back on two differen inhalers per day - one every fours hours, the other one twice a day in addition to the antibiotics and a nasal spray.  Also, I usually take a allergy pill every day.  He suspected that my allergy pill might not be working as it usually does because I've taken it every day for so long.  So, he switched that daily med up too, and he told me to put a humidifier back in my bedroom.  I did that, but thought I'm really at work more than I'm home.  So, I found a cute little personal sized humidifier that now sits on my desk at work.
I'm really tired of taking medicine every day.  In addition to all of that, remember I also take allergy shots twice a week.  At least it's been reduced from three times to twice a week.  Yay!
Speaking of allergy shots, I'm so proud of my baby boy.  He takes allergy shots each week as well, and he's learned to give himself the shots.  He's such a big, grown up boy.  Obviously, I supervise him, make sure he's got the correct dosage, etc., but he does it all himself now.  My babies are growing up too fast!!
Our chaotic schedule really amped up for us last weekend, with 6 different places we HAD to be Saturday. Sunday a small Christmas get together with my dad's family, then church Sunday evening and rest for the remainder of the evening. I think I could be considered an outgoing introvert. I'm not shy by any means, but I can only take so much socializing before I need to go home for some down time to recharge my batteries. Thankfully, the chaos will soon be at an end and when the New Year arrives, we'll have some much-needed down time.
What would you consider yourself?  Introvert or extrovert?

I really don't see myself posting Christmas day, so I'm going to close.  

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