Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Well, it's that time.  Wednesday.  Again.  Not sure what the next few days will bring.  Although the last several days have been very warm, temperatures Thursday are expected to plummet and a Winter Storm Warning has already been issued for the remainder of the week.
Friday we're supposed to see some sleet and ice accumulation which is expected to continue into the weekend.  Really?  See, we don't typically get snow in Central Arkansas.  NW Arkansas gets snow, sure, but rarely do we ever get it in Central Arkansas.  We get ice. 

Ice is horrible!!  It breaks tree branches, brings down power lines, etc.  Last year when we had severe winter weather at Christmas, many in Central Arkansas spent several days without power, us included.  Thankfully we have a wood burning stove and tons of wood, so we were able to stay warm.  But it wasn't fun. 

I'm going to keep it brief.  I'm not feeling well.  Another issue with the crazy weather we have in Arkansas is that it screws with my sinuses.  I've been unable to breathe now for about a week, and I'm extremely tired.  All I want to do is sleep.  It's Tuesday night, and thankfully Ben agreed to take the boys to basketball practice tonight, so I can rest.  Thank you, Honey.  Muuuah!

One day last week, I opened my briefcase to find the mutilated remains of Bitsy's dog bone.  I suppose she was hiding it from Travis, the miniature dachshund.

Today, I open my briefcase to find this....
What the heck.....  My youngest son's dirty sock.  UGH!  (At least I'm guessing it was dirty.  I'm not about to smell it.)  Remember what I said about him never picking up his socks?  Yeah....

I wonder why my briefcase has become the preferred hiding place?

I'm fading fast folks.  I need sleep.  Please keep us in your thoughts - I'm praying the weather forecasters are wrong, and this nasty stuff misses us.  We'll have to keep our eyes on what happens in Oklahoma.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!