Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 --- Wow! What a week! Why does it always seem like everything hits at once - like the flood gates have been opened.

 Just keep swimming.  Right, Dory? 
Unfortunately, this is usually me. 
--- 2 --- I think I mentioned that we are working on refinancing our home to get a lower interest rate. Let me tell you, we use one of the major banks, and they have been a major pain. I think once we've refinanced, I'll change banks to one more local. I would have done it long ago, except it's such a pain to do when you have so many things automatically drafted or direct deposited. Pain, I tell ya. I was with a small, local bank at one time, and then merger after merger, and I'm now with my current bank. I never changed banks, they changed on me, and I'm not happy with it.
I don't want to be told that I have to resubmit everything for the third time because you don't have access to what was submitted to Cincinnati.  I want my banker to be able to walk in the next room and say, "Yep, we got it!  No problem."  Is that too much to ask?
--- 3 --- Do any of you use the cash envelope system? We've been trying, and when we stick to it, we've reduced our variable expenses dramatically. (I say "we." You all know that means me, right? When I stick to the cash envelope system.... LOL!) However, the system is awkward. I've been trying to find envelopes that would work without having to buy Dave Ramsey's rather pricey system. I made my own decorative envelopes and put them in my wallet. They make my wallet so bulky, I don't really like it. So, while roaming around Hobby Lobby the other day, I came upon a coupon organizer that I thought would work well. And it's cute! Zebra print. Yay!
If you use a cash envelope system, I'm curious what kind of system you use and how it compares to other systems you may have tried in the past.
Basketball season is progressing well.  Both boys are having fun, learning a great deal, getting some exercise, and both of their teams are currently undefeated.  I probably just jinxed them for their games tomorrow.  I hope not.  Sorry boys!  Go Wolves!!
Baseball season is gearing up.  Gabe just changed teams so our first official practice with his new team is this weekend.  He's really excited, and I see great things ahead for my sweet boy.

Last night I was doing some laundry, and I found this in his baseball pants.

--- 5 --- So, we have a busy weekend ahead. My house is a wreck from rearranging three rooms of furniture so that Gabe could have a desk in his room. UGH! So, I have to straighten the house up before I go insane. We have two basketball games Saturday, baseball practice Saturday and Sunday. It's crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Well, except for the messy house part.  That I can do without.
A family member recently had to have their gall bladder removed.  I think I'm having issues as well, but I've had ultrasounds done twice before.  They didn't find anything amiss.  But I swell up like a balloon, and I feel like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  My tummy makes some gosh-awful noises that you can hear all the way across the room and...... well, I don't think I'll mention what else.  But you get the picture.  

I've read that big weight fluctuations can cause issues, and goodness knows I've had plenty of those.  I guess only time will tell.

I know this is real captivating stuff for you all, isn't it. Well, before I bore another one of you to tears, I'll stop.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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