Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

TGIF!!  It was a relatively normal week.  FINALLY!  It was busy, of course.  Our lives are usually very busy, but thankfully this past week didn't feel frantic like most weeks have recently.  Maybe it's just that I'm finally getting back into a groove.
Wednesday I was scheduled for my annual mammogram.  As I was going through the check-in process, the lady is asking all of the usual questions; who is the insurance policy holder, who is my employer, etc.  She then asks me how many employees there are with my company......  
Why is the number of employees at my company required information for a mammogram?  When I asked the lady this question, she got rather snippy.  So, this has been bugging me.  Anyone have any ideas?  

I did call my insurance provider, and they said that is not information they require and they can't imagine why the breast center would need that information either.  So the mystery continues.  I guess I just want to satisfy my curiousity more than anything.  I now have a call in to hospital admissions to see if it might be a new hospital policy.  It's just odd.

Things are going well with the new diet.  I haven't killed or even maimed any members of my household yet.  I was tempted when my husband pulled a humongous piece of turtle cheesecake out of the freezer RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.ME.  But I refrained.  I'm joking, actually.  Although turtle cheesecake is my favorite, it really didn't phase me.  I haven't had any cravings to speak of nor do I feel deprived in any way.  So, it's all good right now.  More importantly, I'm seeing results.  So, yay!

Exercise is the key for me.  I HAVE to move my body, especially now that I'm.... ahem older.  I hate that!  I still feel like I'm 20, too bad my body (or metabolism) doesn't agree with me.  Instead, I have the metabolism of a slug, and it seems to slow even more with each year that passes.
I awoke this morning with the impression today was Saturday.  Man was I disappointed.  I didn't sleep well last night, and just when I was about to drift off (around 2:30) my youngest son's alarm starts beeping.  2:30!!  Why on earth his alarm was set for 2:30, I'll never know.  But, oh my goodness.....
It's time for baseball registration at our local park.  A few years ago when my youngest son started playing travel ball, my oldest decided he'd rather travel than play ball himself, so he hasn't played league ball for a few years.  This year he has decided he'd like to play again.  I'm excited about that.  Although he's been out for a few years, I'm sure he'll be back up to speed fairly quickly.

My younger son's practices with his new team are going great.  It's nice to see him practicing in positions he hasn't had the opportunity to play in a few years.  Although he loved his previous team and team mates, and still does, I think he had lost some of his passion for the game because, well..... it doesn't really matter why.  But it makes my heart sing to see him diving for balls again, making spectacular plays that I haven't seen him make since.... let's just say a while.  A few weeks ago, a coach told me that Gabe's a natural in a certain position.  Then last night I overheard another coach tell a third coach the same exact thing.  Coaches of other teams have been observing our practices, and I've heard them murmuring amongst themselves and shaking their heads, commenting on how well he's doing here and what an amazing play he made there..... I think he's beginning to find that passion again.
I think I'm going to close for now.  It's time to head to the gym.  If I don't go now, I won't go.  So, I'm out!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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