Friday, January 10, 2014

A Few Quick Takes

TGIF!  This has been a horrible week. It's been really cold with freezing rain, sleet, etc.   I'm so over Winter.  

First of all, let me please ask for prayers for a very special family.  The home of a grandmother and her two young granddaughters was destroyed by fire Wednesday afternoon.    These two precious girls have been through so much in their short lives.  Only three years ago, they lost their mother.  So, please keep this family in your prayers.
Five years ago I quit smoking.  Unfortunately, I have gained 30 pounds since I quit smoking - that's 30 lbs. on top of the poundage I needed to lose to begin with.  UGH!  I know that even with the added weight, I'm probably healthier overall just because I quit smoking.  But DANG!! 
So, now the weight loss journey begins.  Again.  One step at a time.  

Basketball practices have started back and baseball practice was supposed to start back this week.  We're certainly glad to get back into our regular routine.  I think that's one reason why the holidays always seem so stressful to me.  My schedule is totally disrupted.  

I don't have much today, but I really wanted to ask for prayers for the girls.  So, having done that, I'll close for now.

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