Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

What is with this stinking weather?  I live in the South - it's not supposed to be this cold for this long.  STOP IT!  I am so over this cold weather!  I swear, the first person that complains about it being too hot this summer is going to get punched in the throat!!  (By the way, did you know that there is a band called Five Finger Death Punch?  I did not.) 

There was a light snow almost all day yesterday, but not much accumulation.  Did the schools let out early?  No.  Today, there's been no snow at all, but there's a 30% chance of snow this evening and all of the local schools are closing.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  


Did any of my local readers happen to look at the snow yesterday?  I mean really look?  Although the snow flakes were tiny, you could actually see the intricate detail of the snowflakes with the naked eye.  It was amazing.  You couldn't see detail on all of them, but I noticed several as they landed on my black jacket.  I wish I could have taken a picture.  I'm such a horrible blogger!
Since the schools are closing today as is the Rec Center, basketball games for Saturday are also cancelled.  What on earth will we do with our Saturday with no basketball games?  

Maybe I can finally finish cleaning/reorganizing the den into a usable office space for me.   That would be so nice....
Things are still going well with my diet.  I'm now 2-1/2 weeks in, and I've not really experienced any cravings nor do I feel I'm being deprived.  I don't even think I've been any crankier than usual (of course, you'd have to confirm that with the boys.  LOL!)  I'm still not getting as much exercise as I should.  I blame it on the weather.  I can't wait for the warmer temperatures.  I'd much rather be outside hiking or riding a bicycle rather than using a stationary bike or a treadmill.  When it's this cold, I just want to put on my warm jammies and curl up on the couch under a blanket.  But I know there's really no excuse.  I have to get moving. 

I've noticed that since I'm dieting and exercising more, so are my husband and my 10 year old.  Just this morning my husband walked into the living room and announced that according to our scale, he's lost 6 pounds.  Since TUESDAY!  I almost threw something at him.  That can't be right!

Speaking of scales, I have a digital scale at home, and I don't think it's adjustable, I'll have to check that.  I don't like not being able to adjust my scale.  I want my scale to match the one at the doctor's office.  Do any of you have a recommendation for a specific kind of scale?  I'm thinking of getting one similar to the one above and ditching the digital scale.
Baseball tryouts at our local park have already been cancelled for this weekend.  Thank goodness!  When the boys were younger I remember standing in line in arctic temps waiting our turn for this try out.  I'm so glad I don't have to do that this time.  Of course, back then, I had two boys trying out, so the wait was longer.  
I think I've mentioned before that my husband and I are both in property management.  I manage office buildings downtown while my husband is in the residential side of property management.  Yesterday he found a resident dead.  We were actually sitting in the office at the bank, waiting on the loan officer to make our copies, and he just blurted it out matter of factly.  I knew the tenant.  I think the resident had been sick, and Ben had checked on him last Friday, so he must have passed some time after then.  Ben didn't elaborate, but I get the feeling the resident didn't pass yesterday.....  Or the day before.
I know it's a fact of life, but...  I also know this wasn't the first resident he's found, and probably not the worst of circumstances either, but it doesn't make it any easier.  So, if you would, please keep the resident and his family in your prayers as well as my husband.  Thanks.

"Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let your perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace."

I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend.
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